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Hydrography Group Receives NYSDOT Designation to Provide Fathometer Survey Services


(East Syracuse, N.Y.) – Prudent Engineering has been selected as a subconsultant to provide Fathometer Survey Services for New York State Department of Transportation on two separate contracts providing Bridge Diving Inspection and Fathometer Survey Services.

Prudent Engineering’s hydrographic group, led by Terry L. Mckiven, Hydrographic Survey Manager, will join with McLaren Engineering and Marine Infrastructure Solutions P.C. in Upstate New York, (West) Regions 3, 4, 5 and 6. In Downstate New York, (South) Regions 10 and 11, Prudent will partner with Boswell Engineering.

Prudent’s hydrographic team will provide the essential work needed to measure water depth and to determine the changes in the seafloor since the last fathometer survey. The inspections and fathometer surveys will be performed beginning in 2017 and continue through 2018. The combined estimated value of the contracts is $7.6M. Utilizing their full range of boats, sonars, and Hydrographic survey tools, Prudent’s team will map the underwater portion beneath the assigned bridges, and provide a report on any observed changes.

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