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Albany-Schenectady Double Track

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Client: New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT)
Location: Albany & Schenectady Counties, New York
Status: Completed

• Conduct Inspection of Bridges & Culverts

• Prepare Design Alternative Assessments

• Prepare Level I Load Rating Analyses

• Design 21 Bridge Replacements & Rehabilitations

• Design 23 Culvert Rehabilitations

• Design Detailed Substructure Repairs

Prudent Engineering’s staff provided engineering services for the Albany to Schenectady Double-Track project for the NYSDOT in Albany and Schenectady Counties. This project involved designing and installing a high-speed rail second track alignment along an 18-mile corridor through urban and rural areas traversing 21 bridges and 23 culverts. This $120M rail corridor project engaged Prudent Engineering’s survey and bridge design groups, with both groups providing and completing a wide range of critical project tasks.  The survey and mapping team provided design mapping, Right-of-Way survey, and wetland delineation services throughout the area of the larger project corridor.

Prudent’s bridge design group provided in-depth bridge condition inspections, Level I Load Ratings, fatigue analyses, and vulnerability assessments to develop feasible bridge replacement and rehabilitation designs. Bridge types included multi-girder, thru-girder, trusses and concrete arch structures. Prudent’s engineers successfully completed replacement/rehabilitation designs for 21 bridges and 23 culverts.