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Dam Hydraulic Services Term Contract

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Client: Office of General Services (OGS)
Location: Various Locations, New York
Status: Completed


• Bathymetric Survey

• Topographic Survey

• Collection of Cross-Section Data

• Identified Streambed Geometry

• Determined Channel Invert

Prudent Engineering’s survey and mapping team was retained by the prime consultant to provide hydrographic and topographic survey services in support of assignments programmed under this OGS term contract. The following projects were contracted by OGS and required a range of surveying and mapping services involving bridges, dams, spillways, and other water control structures. The collected data will be used for planning future dam rehabilitation and structural maintenance operations.

Study to Evaluate and Survey Perch River Dam & Perch River WMA; Town of Clayton, New York; Subconsultant,  2014

Prudent’s survey and mapping team provided 40,000 linear feet of cross sections and topographic survey in support of a dam and impoundment rehabilitation project in coordination with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and Ducks Unlimited.

Henderson Lake Dam & Downstream Reach Survey Request; Essex County, New York; Subconsultant, 2015

Prudent’s survey and mapping staff provided a range of services in support of a larger structural rehabilitation project on the Henderson Lake Dam. The survey team was responsible for surveying and mapping dam features, surrounding property, and the area’s bridge structures. Our field staff identified the dam crest, low point, and the spillway’s crest elevation; collected the spillway opening; and determined the dam height. Additionally, Prudent’s staff collected cross-section data at the top and bottom of the bank; identified streambed geometry; determined the channel invert; and documented the average water depth. The work scope for surveying the area’s bridge structures involved determining the hydraulic opening, roadway slope, and low point; identifying the deck elevation at each bridge’s four corners; and collecting channel inverts at each bridge.

Stewarts Landing Dam Bathymetric & Topographic Survey; Canada Lake, Town of Caroga, New York; Subconsultant,  2015

Prudent’s survey and mapping department provided cross sections of Canada Lake and the upland area surrounding the Stewarts Landing Dam structure. The work scope included gathering elevation data in remote and inaccessible areas, as well as in the lake bed. While there was existing mapping data of the dam, some areas were excluded due to conditions at the time of the last survey operation, such as inclement weather and accessibility issues. Prudent’s team successfully gathered the missing data to complete the map.